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 Tubby slope

The Tubby slope is situated at Gardonè: near the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car. Take a rubber ring and step onto the magic carpet which will take you to the top of the slope. Sit down on the rubber ring grip the handles tightly and go, everybody sitting on their own ring.

At the start, behind the little wooden house, there is an assistant who will help you get comfortable on the ring and take your run-up. There is no age limit, it is suitable for kids and adults.

The Tubby slope is ideal for children and families. Adults can give it a go or choose to enjoy the show from the bottom. You are at 1650 m of altitude, in the mountains, at Gardonè: only 15 minuts from Predazzo, in Val di Fiemme, on the Trentino Dolomites World Heritage.

  • Gardonè is situated at 1650 m of altitude
  • You are in Val di Fiemme, at 5 minutes from Predazzo, in the Dolomites
  • Use the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car to get there
  • The cable car takes 15 minutes
  • The cable car is ventilated and regularly sanitized, dogs are welcome (with muzzle)
  • You can bring push chairs (for free) and bikes (extra charge) to the top
  • take the magic carpet to reach the top, all you have to do is pull your ring by its cord
  • when you slide down the first push gets you down, as well as centripetal force and gravity
  • get your ticket at the info point or buy a combined ticket, no need to book
  • there is no age limit on the Tubby slope, it is suitable for young and older kids
  • open every day from 18th June to 18th September 2022
  • All activities stop with bad weather and rain and start again when the rain stops.
  • You will find all sorts of information at ‘Punto Info’, at Gardonè
  • To find out more call us at + 39 0462 884400 or write to info@montagnanimata.it

Enjoy and speed down the Tubby slope

There is a strategic point which families love: just under the Tubby Slope. From there you can see the children smile as they shoot down, the photos are perfect. Some people lay a rug out in the sun, and enjoy the break, chatting to friends while keeping an eye on the children.

Where are they? They’ve just done a ride on the Tubby slope, grabbing their ring, and are heading back to the top and are ready for another ride: they are playing. The best part is half way down. Depending on their weight, their run-up and how they approach the parabolic turn you speed down at high speed.

Great fun even for the younger children. You will see the older kids running towards the Alpine Coaster Gardonè. Everything is nearby, you can keep an eye on everyone while you enjoy the sunshine.


1650 M
età minima
0 - 99 YEARS
10 am - 1 pm / 1.45 pm - 5 pm

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