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The Kingdom of Dragons Playground

Near the Punto Info at Gardonè, on the edge of the woods, you will find the playground “The kingdom of Dragons”.  A playground with slides, seesaws, buckets and shovels in the sand, a soft corner to rest on and a small climbing wall.

The park is equipped with wooden tables and benches, to draw and colour fantastic dragons, stories and illustrated books for children and kids. You’re at 1650 m of altitude, in the mountains, at Gardonè: at 15 minutes from Predazzo, in Val di Fiemme, on the Trentino Dolomites, World Heritage.

  • Gardonè is at 1650 m of altitude
  • You are in Val di Fiemme, at 5 minutes from Predazzo, in the Dolomites
  • Use the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car to get there
  • The bubble car takes roughly 15 minutes
  • The bubble car carries 12 people, dogs are welcome
  • You can take push chairs (free of charge) and bikes (extra charge)
  • The entrance to the playground costs 2 euros per person
  • The ticket is valid all day long from 9.30 am to 5 pm
  • Free entrance with the Tubby and Alpine Coadster Gardonè ticket (combined packages are not valid)
  • Children are allowed in the playground only when accompanied by an adult
  • adults/and those accompanying must stay in the playground with the children (the entrance fee is only for the children not for the adults accompanying)
  • customer support is available
  • you can go in and out all day up to 5 pm
  • it is open every day from 20th June to 20th September 2020
  • at Punto Info, at Gardonè, you will find all relevant information
  • to find out more call us at + 39 0462 502929
  • write at info@montagnanimata.it

Play, draw, rest

The Kingdom of Dragons is a playground with seesaws, slides, spring toys, sand pit with shovels, sand moulds and buckets. Making friends with other children will be fun.

There is a wooden house, a train, the giant “tris” game, a small climbing wall and a soft corner to sit on and rest in the shade. There are tables and wooden benches where you can draw and read on.

For those who love colouring you will find many drawings: you will find all the characters that live in MontagnaAnimata. For those of you who love books you can choose between the classics, illustrated books, creative stories. Also in English and German.

In the playground you can assemble and colour the prize you won by completing the playbook, at the end of one of the 3 easy paths for families and children. You can play with memory, the board game for little dragons or the splendid yoyo with your friends.  In the soft corner mummies and smaller children can take a rest, read a story or rest in the shade.

In the playground there are a few rules to guarantee mutual respect: no smoking, no eating nor drinking, animals cannot enter. To reach the facilities which do allow the above simply step out of the playground.

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