• concorso dipingi una cabina estate 2017 predazzo val di fiemme

Paint a cabin: the contest

“Paint a cabin”  is a contest for children. 60 cabins, 4 sides (excluding the bottom and windows). Every year, during summer more than 100 children spend their time and imagination thinking out, drawing and colouring a cabin.

They walked, laughed and played. A detail along the path caught their attention. Their inspiration to start drawing, the dream of giving the cabins a new cover. At the end of the season the jury meets up. As well as the internal committee there are artists who collaborate with MontagnAnimata.

At Punto Info at Gardonè ask for the sheets of paper with the four sides to draw on. Sit down on a bench and draw a story. Of all the drawings drawn in 2017 we chose the picture of Sarah Iemmolo

The cabins go over the Dolomiti state road 48, come and see.

  • Gardonè is at 1650 m of altitude
  • You are in Val di Fiemme, at 5 minutes from Predazzo, in the Dolomites
  • To reach Gardonè take the Predazzo-Gardonè cablecar
  • The bubble car takes roughly 15 minutes
  • The bubble car carries 12 people, dogs are welcome
  • You can bring push chairs and bikes
  • Open daily from 23 June to 8 September 2019
  • Ask for info at Punto Info, at Gardonè
  • To find out more call us at + 39 0462 502929
  • write at info@montagnanimata.it

The MontagnAnimata painted cabins

The green one with the fox and rabbit was drawn by
Greta Dorigoni, summer 2010

The blue, green and orange one was drawn by
Cammilla di Gianberardino, summer 2011

The pastel coloured one with little dragons and butterflies was drawn by
Lucia Zanon, summer 2012

The pastel colour one with a large cow and squirrel was drawn by
Elena Bisaglia, estate 2013

The one with yellow pastel roof and fairies was drawn by
Sara Meli and Francesca Capra, summer 2014

The red one, delicate, with a farewell to summer 2015 was drawn by
Luca, Anna, Maria and Ester Mittempergher, summer 2015

The one with the giant cow was drawn by
Lisa and Anna Scarfiello, summer 2016

The one like a “murales” was drawn by
Sarah Iemmolo, summer 2017

The one like a “hive” was drawn by
Sonia e Diego Durazzi, summer 2018

The one with the green dragon and the enormous eye was drawn by
Consuelo Bonet, Art school Pozza di Fassa 2012

The pastel coloured one with child and stylised eye was drawn by
Marco Guadagnini, Art school Pozza di Fassa 2012

The one with the red dragon which opens the door with his paws was drawn by
Cesare Varesco, Art school Pozza di Fassa 2012

The white and black one with big eyes everywhere was drawn by
the Art school Liceo Artistico Pozza di Fassa 2012

The one with skiers skiing was drawn
by the children of Val di Fiemme, Marcialonga 2015

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