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marbles track in Gardonè

Upstream of the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car you will find the new wooden marbles track. Pick up your ball from the vending machine (€2.00) and get ready to roll it along the track. You will see it bounce, slide, disappear and reappear. Follow its movements and try to make the bells ring!

On the ball you will find the best-loved characters from Latemar MontagnAnimata printed. Take it with you at all times and challenge your friends in real marbles races!

  • Gardonè is at an altitude of 1650 m
  • you are in Val di Fiemme, 5 minutes from Predazzo, in the Dolomites
  • to get there there is the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car, travel time by cable car is about 15 minutes
  • dogs are welcome (with muzzle)
  • pushchairs (free) and bicycles ( extra charge) can be brought up
  • at the Info Point, in Gardonè, you will find all information
  • for more information call us at 0462 884400
  • write to info@montagnanimata.it

marbles, a timeless game

Surely your parents know what we’re talking about :), who knows how many marbles competitions they played as children. How could we forget those nets full of shiny, colourful glass balls. Our grandparents used to make their own marbles, with terracotta balls dried in the sun and then coloured in bright colours. The most popular variant of this game is ‘marbles in a circuit’. Before playing, one builds a course to be traced in the sand or on the ground, the more ‘technical’ players put in curves, parabolics, jumps, ascents and descents. The first player starts off by throwing his ball, the second does the same trying to reach the first and so on for all the players in a chase race. Whoever reaches the finish line first wins.

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