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Geotrail Dos Capèl

The Geotrail Dos Capèl is a walk in the mountains of medium difficulty for children and families. Take the cable car to Gardonè and the chair lift to Passo Feudo where the Geotrail Dos Capèl starts. The walk is a loop of 3.5 km, with a vertical drop of 268 m. Without reservation.

The trail starts and ends at the same point, a few meters from the chair lift and the Passo Feudo mountain hut. Panoramic and sunny, it takes about 2 hours and  no need to be guided. The walk is suitable for families and children; a baby carrier for kids 0-2 years is recommended. The Dos Capèl is located at 2200 m (7218 ft) in Val di Fiemme at the foot of the Latemar in Trentino Dolomites World Heritage Site.

The best way to walk the Geotrail Dos Capèl path and discover the geology of these mountains is with the gamebook full of clues and riddles. You will need observation skills, memory and spirit of adventure. Don’t forget to come and visit on Wednesdays to experience the travelling show “The Adventures of Gea on the Earth Crust” (in italian).

The Geotrail Dos Capèl is a thematic path with installations set by the MUSE–Trento Science Museum and the Geological Museum of the Dolomites in Predazzo. It is a mid difficulty walk for children and families to discover the beauty of the Latemar, the geology and the Triassic world.

  • Passo Feudo is located at 2200 m in Val di Fiemme Trentino Dolomites World Heritage Site
  • cable car (Predazzo-Gardonè) and chair lift (Gardonè-Passo Feudo) take about 30 minutes
  • 4-seater chairlift with bubble coverage
  • dogs are welcome (with muzzle)
  • pushchairs (free of charge) and bikes (extra charge)
  • medium difficulty trail of about 2 hours
  • free path without reservation
  • windproof jacket and walking boots recommended
  • Info Point Gardonè: information, gamebooks and geologist kit
  • geology and fun with the game book “Geotrail Dos Capèl, Triassic world” (also in english)

Play, explore, learn

A family holiday in Trentino in the mountains of Val di Fiemme offers great surprises. If you are looking for activities with the children, want to spend your family holiday and have fun, choose the Geotrail Dos Capèl, a trail of medium difficulty for children and families.

The path is a loop with a 268 m height gain (879 ft) and you don’t need to be trained. All you need are moutain boots and a windproof jacket. The walk is suitable for families and children. We suggest a baby carrier backpack for kids 0-2 years. The trail is at the foot of the Latemar in Trentino Dolomites World Heritage Site.

Take the Gardonè cable car and the chair lift up to Passo Feudo. There are three ways to discover the Geotrail Dos Capèl:

  • go for a walk with the children, play with them, solve riddles and collect rock samples, some of which derive from a 250 million year old Triassic beach. Best way to discover the Dolomites is by using the gamebook you get at the Info Point Gardonè; 
  • the gamebook is for children aged 8+, while little kids can follow the clues and have fun with an adult willing to play with them. Don’t forget to ask for the geologist kit which includes lenses, goggles, bags and gloves to observe the rocks and collect some samples;
  • on Wednesday follow the travelling show  “The Adventures of Gea on the Earth Crust” (in italian)
  • walk along the path freely, train your sight, discover rocks and landscapes of these beautiful mountains. Enjoy the installations placed along the trail by the MUSE-Science Museum of Trento and the Geological Museum of the Dolomites in Predazzo with illustrations by Bernardo Carvalho.

Look, read, learn

On the Geotrail Dos Capèl you will find 13 interactive stations curated by the Trento Science Museum-MUSE and the Predazzo Geological Museum of the Dolomites to tell you about the Dolomites. You will be guided by the illustrations of the Portuguese artist Bernardo Carvalho and the gamebook “Geotrail Dos Capèl, the Triassic World”.

Only a few rules: 9 stops, 100 points to win and a handful of token rocks, 9 geo-questions and 1 prize that you can collect at the Info Point Gardonè.

Some awards were made in wood by local craftsmen, designed by the students of the G. Soraperra Art School in Pozza di Fassa. You can go home with prizes gifts and souvenirs from your family holiday in Predazzo Val di Fiemme.

At the Info Point you will find someone who will help you choosing: DIFR game, thematic readings, books and small gifts for your family holiday with children in Trentino, Predazzo Val di Fiemme. 

Touch, experiment, draw

The Geotrail Dos Capèl is a walk of medium difficulty for children and families. Walk, discover the landscape, get clues, recognize the rocks: Werfen, basalt, green breccia, traces of lava, Latemar limestone.

“Cooked” rocks, broken and folded, coral reefs, volcanic veins, astonishing colors and Dolomite landscapes of extraordinary beauty. You will learn to recognize the rock walls of the Livinallongo formation, the brown streaks made of lava, the traces of a Triassic sea.

How do you recognize them? Along the thematic path there are 13 illustrated stations and the gamebook will guide you. When you find the word “token rock”, look around and look for a sample of the indicated rock. You will be able to collect a piece of it and, further along the path, build the geo-clock of the Dolomites.

You will get to touch, observe, smell the rocks and take small samples and, if you come on Wednesdays, you are in to follow the travelling show “The Adventures of Gea on the Earth Crust”. The discovery emotion will make you want to visit the Predazzo Dolomites Geological Museum where you can have small rock samples analyzed and ask expert geologists for other curiosities to get to know more about this fascinating subject.

Following the footsteps of Amelia Edwards

On the Geotrail Dos Capèl you will walk where a few centuries ago courageous women ventured: Maria Ogilvie Gordon – the first woman in the world to graduate in geology – studied carbonate rocks and volcanic bodies, Elizabeth Tuckett loved to write down her travels by creating real comics, and Amelia Edwards advanced climbing peaks and steep rocks.

Along the way, try to reproduce the force of tectonic thrusts, trap the lava and simulate the Predazzo volcano eruption.

Enjoy the panoramic view, close your eyes, go around and when you stop try to remember the name of the mountains in front of you. Hold your breath for the 9 geo-questions. We are waiting for you!


2200 M
3,5 KM

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