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Difr Academy – Dragons Treasure Hunt

Difr (Drakes International Feudo Rescue) Academy is an outdoor team game with interactive stations. Bring along your family and friends with the goal of saving the Latemar dragons. You reach 1650 m in the mountains, in Gardonè Predazzo in Val di Fiemme on the Dolomites World Heritage in the region Trentino. There are 8 interactive stations. Observe the map and orient yourself, learn the alphabet of dragons and solve the riddles. 

As of now only the italian version is available. 

With Difr Academy you are part of a team; collect the clues to carry out your mission and enjoy. Difr Academy is for kids and children, no age limit, mainly a family activity. You will get to know Leroistus, Prakon, Tof and Robinia.

  • Gardonè 1650 m altitude in Val di Fiemme, Predazzo, Dolomites 
  • Cable car Predazzo-Gardonè 10-12 minutes
  • Dogs are welcome (with muzzle)
  • Pushchairs (free) and bikes (extra charge) 
  • 8 DifrAcademy interactive stations
  • Average time of the game 1.5 hours approximately 
  • Recognize the stations from the wooden totem 
  • Info Point Gardonè for Difr Academy kit and infos
  • Open every day from 10 June to 17 September, 2023 
  • For further information call + 39 0462 884400
  • Write an email to: info@montagnanimata.it

Build your team, create trust, enjoy yourself

Build your team with your family and friends. The glue that holds the team together will be trust, willingness to play and to accept the challenge. The Difr Academy game consists of 8 interactive stations around Gardonè at 1650 m of altitude.

Get your ticket at the Info Point and receive the kit including a game book, a chip, the map and the instructions to pass the tests. Now you are ready to fulfill your mission.  

In every station there is a test to pass. As you approach the totem a special effect will turn on. If you observe carefully you will manage to find the game solution.

Find the totem, solve the enigma

The 8 interactive stations are marked with a wooden totem. It is a special totem: open the drawer, take a sheet of white paper with drawn out templates and lean it on the right shape. Have you ever heard of frottage? It is an ancient painting technique where you rub the colour onto a shape. Wood and crayons are perfect for frottage.

Choose in which order to play the game, you can start wherever you like. The only rule is to keep Tof egg in the end. There is no time limit.

Are you a bit tired? Are you hungry? Take a break, restore your energy and start off again!

Carry out the mission

There are 4 missions to achieve:

  • Missione Leroistus to recover the egg belonging to the heir of the Latemar’s good dragons dynasty
  • Missione Prakon where the Latemar teacher will take you on his attempt to teach Tof how to fly
  • Missione Il Ponte Magico to help Tof find his mummy
  • Missione la Fiamma Reale to help Tof win the gift of the Royal Flame

What are you waiting for? Come and play. If you wanna know Tof and train from home start playing online. When you will come to Gardonè you will find the real game and you will help Tof achieving his mission.


1650 M

Stay tuned!