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Continuation of the complete Latemar tour

The first part is identical to the excursion to the Rifugio Torre di Pisa.

For more experienced excursionists, by adding a few hours, it is possible to enjoy the round trip of the Latemar Tour.

From the Rifugio Torre di Pisa keep walking along path no. 516, towards the Forcella dei Camosci. By going uphill for a few metres behind the Rifugio to the helicopter pad you will have an even wider view of the surrounding peaks and above all admire to the west, the Torre di Pisa (Tower of Pisa). This spire of dolomite rock is 40 metres high and reminds us of the famous tower of Pisa in Tuscany.

Going downhill, towards the tower, the path is rather demanding and the classic red and white signposts difficult to find. After passing this short stony section keep going down behind and in between these towers. Still downhill there is a short steep section which then flattens out as far as the Forcella dei Camosci. This is a very unusual section: on the left we have a rock face where some chamois appear from time to time; on the right is a stony expanse with a few tufts of grass. It is a moon like landscape!

In the direction of our route, at the bottom, you can see Forcella dei Campanili and more to the right the Schenon del Latemar. It looks just like a huge back (or a tilted table?). The via ferrata dei Campanili del Latemar goes through the spires of the top of Schenon and the view from up there is incredible.

At the junction the following paths branch off: path no. 516 which continues towards the Forcella dei Campanili and path no. 516B which goes to the Bivacco Latemar A. Sieff. To go up to the Forcella dei Camosci, we have to take path no. 18. The first section is steep and demanding, but you soon arrive at the saddle. You should take a break here and admire the view towards the Schenon del Latemar and the Eastern Dolomites.

The next destination is the Oberholz chair lift at Obereggen. The first downhill section presents a difficult passage. There is a gully between 2 rocks which needs a bit of patience but can be resolved within a few minutes. You then reach a dip in the ground, scattered with boulders and the path passes through the biggest ones. Finally coming out of the wonderful “labyrinth of rockfaces” the view opens up: Here is Obereggen and the lower part of Val d’Ega. In the distance you can see the Altopiano del Renon and the Palla Bianca.

The downhill section starts here, first of all between rocks, stones and scree then amidst  greenery. You zig zag downhill across alpine pastures and, over the last section, through larch, fir trees and Pinus cembra pines. In July you can also admire the magnificent rhododendrons in bloom. Ignoring the directions for the Oberholz chairlift, follow path no. 22 which will gradually take you back to the Rifugio Passo Feudo.

Along the itinerary there are plenty of information boards explaining details of the local flora and fauna and the Latemar Dolomites. In short, we find ourselves back at the junction which we saw on the way up, now on the way down head towards the Rifugio Passo Feudo. Here are the stone cairns, we are almost there.

If there is enough time left (the chairlift closes at 5.30 p.m.) we can recommend a break at the Rifugio Passo Feudo. Chocolate cake with cream or apple strudel?


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