• spettacolo di clownerie nell'anfiteatro di gardonè in val di fiemme trentino

A week of clowning 2021

We are still waiting for news and rules, but we are keen to think positive and to trust everybody. We planned the programme for summer 2020, and you can find it here! We are looking forward seeing you soon.

The clowning week will be held in summer 2021 and we hope we will be able to offer you the following programme then.

From 26 to 31 July the clowning starts. The funniest, most comic,  twirly week of  summer. The shows take place in the open air amphitheatre, not far from the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car. You are at a height of 1650 m in the mountains, at Gardonè: 15 minutes from Predazzo, in Val di Fiemme, in the Trentino Dolomites, World Heritage.

For six whole days the circus comes to the mountains.

The circus always seems inaccessible but, as  Jo and Zop explain, you need to be trained. Before and after the shows you can take a walk along the easy paths for families and children: the Dragon Forest, the Distracted Shepherd’s path and the Geotrail Dos Capèl.

In the morning you can watch the shows and in the afternoon learn how to do things in the workshops!

  • Gardonè is at a height of 1650 m
  • You are in Val di Fiemme, 5 minutes from Predazzo, in the Dolomites
  • To arrive at Gardonè take the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car
  • It takes approximately 15 minutes
  • The bubble car carries 12 people; dogs are welcome
  • You can take push chairs (for free) and bicycles (extra charge) with you
  • The clowning shows are at Gardonè, from 26 to 31 July 2020
  • You arrive at Gardonè and reach the amphitheatre in half a minute
  • No need to book, the shows are free
  • Open daily from 20 June to 20 September 2020
  • You will find information at Punto Info (Information Point), at Gardonè,
  • To find out more call tel. no. +39 0462 502929
  • Or send an email to info@montagnanimata.it

In the circus there is rhythm, balance and collaboration. All these are essential values in the mountains. During the week of clowning, on the MontagnAnimata there are numbers where balancing, clowning, music and improvisation dominate.

Acrobatics, agility, years and years of hard training are needed to be physically agile and supple.

Just thinking about the circus makes you feel happy.


Sunday 26 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
at 11 a.m. (first performance), at 2.30 p.m. (second performance)
The travelling show in the Dragon Forest lasts an hour and a quarter (1.15 hrs) and is an easy walk
with Nicola Sordo

A size never seen before, a colour between Persian red and scarlet, immobile, with slightly wrinkly skin. After wandering for the longest time in search of clues, Nikolaus Drache can’t hold back his excitement. He approaches and repeats the basics of Dragon language to himself: majka, crack, brüch, głód. He whispers slowly, one word at a time and…



settimana della clownerie predazzo val di fiemme trentinoMonday 27 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
at 11 a.m. performance in the amphitheatre
at 2.30 p.m. workshop for children
with Daniel Warr

Bringing a street circus number up into the mountains is a feat of pure magic! Dado Clown mixes arthouse performances, funny sketches, monologues and silent comedy. He’s someone who can laugh at his faults, but what else is he hiding under that big dark coat?



Tuesday 28 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
at 11 a.m., performance in the amphitheatre
at 2.30 p.m. clowning workshop for children
with Daniel Warr

Cupid is looking for the right time and place to share his love for the world. He is a clown who loves everything: wildflowers, supportive hands, flying tablecloths, open windows. But what he loves best is to share the magical skills he learned as a child. Jaw-dropping stuff!



Wednesday  29 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
At 11 performance in amphitheatre
At 2.30 p.m. workshop for children
with  Charmaine Childs

Lady Strong is the world’s strongest woman: she can twist sold metal, break steel chains and crush any preconceptions. After training in theatres the world over, she is ready to perform her incredible acrobatic skills with an elegance never seen before in the woods of Latemar! A show of celebration for sincere, female strength.



Circo Pacco ClownerieFriday 30 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
at 11 a.m., performance in the amphitheatre
At 2.30 p.m. workshop for children
with Alessandro Galletti and Francesco Garuti

They say it’s a rip off but it’s simply a shoddy mix of non-contemporary circus tricks. What happens when two genuine bunglers are rejected by the “Nouveau Cirque” and kicked out of the traditional circus? All that’s left for these two eccentric characters to do is create their own circus, in a crescendo of juggling and acrobatics, the like of which you’ve never seen before.



Thursday 31 July 2020
Above the Predazzo-Gardonè bubble car
At 11 performance in amphitheatre
At 2.30 p.m. workshop for children
with  Paolo Sperduti

In less than ten minutes he will disappear in a giant balloon and begin to dance. What can a street artist with a passion for balloons actually do? With his amazing routine, Otto the Dachshund has travelled everywhere: squares, streets, theatres. He travels light as his luggage contains only rubber!



Informazioni sul percorso


Stay tuned!