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The Alpine Coaster Gardonè in winter

The Alpine Coaster Gardonè is a unique attraction in Trentino. The start is in Gardonè in front of the cable car. It is a two-seater bobsled on rail tracks to whizz along alone or with someone. Get your ticket, sit down and buckle up! You can decide how fast to go down the mountain coaster run. All you need is your ski boots and warm winter clothes. 

Alpine Coaster Gardonè is a loop of roughly 1 km. It starts and ends at the same point. Located in Gardonè at 1650 m altitude in the mountains in Val di Fiemme in Trentino in the Dolomites World Heritage. You can easily reach the mountain coaster as a pedestrian or a skier.   

The circuit unwinds through the woods and it is lot of fun for everyone!
Children are allowed with a minimum height of 105 cm.

Open every day from 12.00 noon to 4.30 pm 

  • Gardonè is at 1650 m of altitude
  • Gardonè is in Val di Fiemme in Trentino in the Dolomites World Heritage
  • Reachable with the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car 
  • Cable car run time 10-12 minutes
  • Cable car capacity 11 people; dogs allowed
  • Alpine Coaster Gardonè 980 m bumps, jumps and a 360-degree loop in complete safety
  • Two seater bobsled on a mountain coaster in a loop circuit
  • Automatic ascent and adjustable downhill speed
  • Tickets at the skipass office or in Gardonè, no need to pre book 
  • Special offers available for more runs
  • Open every day from December to end of season
  • By bad weather it stops working waiting for better weather conditions
  • All infos at the skipass office and the ticket office
  • For further information call +39 0462 884400  or send an email to info@montagnanimata.it

Buckle up and control your own speed

Alpine Coaster Gardonè is a loop circuit roughly 1 km long. Hold your breath and enjoy the breath-taking parabolic turns. Start and arrive at the same point near the Predazzo-Gardonè cable car.

Get your ticket, jump on the two seater mountain coaster, buckle up and go! You can control your own speed, accelerate and close your eyes to feel the adrenaline.

Access allowed to children with a minimum height of 105 cm
Children between 105 cm and 135 cm (up to 8 years) must be accompanied by an adult older than 18 years
Juniors taller than 135 cm (9-14 years) must be accompanied by someone older than 14 years

The route unwinds through the Latemar woods. During the winter, families and children enjoy the jumps, bends and exciting turns. Alpine Coaster Gardonè is a spectacular attraction, unique in Trentino. Feel the excitement by speeding down through the larch and fir trees of the Latemar.

Have Fun, smile and play

Don’t miss the Alpine Coaster Gardonè experience during your winter holiday in Trentino! You can sledge in snow, whizz along fantastic ski runs in the Ski Center Latemar and try  the local cuisine and delicious food in the mountain huts. Don’t forget to play with friends and family on the Latemar mountains.

The Alpine Coaster Gardonè is fun for couples, alone or together adults with children. We cannot tell who has more fun!

After the ride don’t forget to ask for your photo and see who has the biggest smile!  If by end of the day you have some spare tickets there is no deadline to come back and use them throughout the winter in Val di Fiemme.

In Gardonè you can also enjoy an easy walk with the children in the Dragon Forest and look for the footprints left by the enormous winged creatures, solve the gamebook riddles, speed down the sledge slope and stop at the Dragon Kingdom, the free outdoor playground. 


1650 M

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