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MontagnAnimata combines care for the territory, imagination, games, animation, theatre. Everything works because there is a group of passionate people who work well as a team while  enjoying themselves at the same time. Each single individual puts a piece of their heart as well as competence into their work and they all share the idea of promoting and enhancing the beauty of this territory.  There is a serial creative artist who has chosen each person one by one without ever checking their cv.


A serial creative artist,  niña inquieta, quela dale matarie. I am curious, I love craftsmanship, natural materials, local flavours, the traditions of every population, warm environments. I love colours, dancing, books and imagination.  I travel all the time, in every way possible. Creating MontagnaAnimata was beautiful, to reinvent it every season is marvellous.


During winter, skipasses, skiers, ski slopes. Sport is easy. During summer everything changes: shows, paths, the crafts of once upon a time, games and dragons! Organizing everything requires patience and team work. It brings emotions, smiles and experiences. I deal with social media and websites. I write easy going stories on the MontagnaAnimata blog which relax the mind. I love the woods which smell of peace and freedom.


I write with my eyes wide open. I love stories. Stories of people with a passion who put energy into their work. Especially those who take risks. I love the air you breathe at Gardonè, meeting artists behind the scenes, going with the flow of things that have to get done. Good shoes and a blue note book.


I am in charge of the ski lifts and am head of safety on the ski slopes. I started working at the age of 14. As soon as I had a chance I studied, I wanted to learn. Everything I know I learned by working. My passion is electronics and mechanics. I love finding new solutions. Behind the ideas of MontagnaAnimata there is technique and planning.


I am a clown, actor, author and improviser. I studied at the School of Theatre and Circus Arts of Milan. My teachers were Jango Edwards, Johnny Melville, Peter Shub, Paolo Nani. I experiment with comedy wherever I can: theatres, roads, squares, bars. From  hairdressers to fruit shops, in the woods, along  paths. And above all within myself.


I am a writer and I illustrate children’s books. I have also drawn comic strips, board games, apps and cartoons. My best known character is filthy Bruno: a child who does not love baths but loves fantasy. With Sara Marconi, for Giunti I have created the “Mitici Sei”, a mini series full of adventures which mix mythology, fantasy and comics.


Illustrator and painter from passion, and wood sculpture from tradition. It is an art I inherited  from my father and with time it has become my main activity. I live in a small valley, in Ziano. I have a small workshop, whenever I walk into it a world full of opportunities opens up.


There are three roads: one leads to the city, one to the sea and the third one? Nowhere! I walked down  the third road. Sometimes I thought that everyone else was right “Stubborn! That road leads nowhere!” Instead I found magnificent places, inhabited by special, strange and beautiful people. Among these places is MontagnAnimata.


Mountains, snow, outdoor sports are my passion and my way of letting off steam. Chatterbox with the Peter Pan syndrome, I relax when my hands knead the dough to make cakes and pastries and sometimes a sweet mess. If I don’t have any  new incentives I get bored, that is why I love challenges and new adventures. Those great adventures which teach you something new. I love yellow and I adore potato gnocchi with melted butter.


I am an artist who is fascinated by the spontaneous shapes of nature. My grandfather taught me the natural rhythms, the seasons, “do a lot with little”. In a way I am telling his story as a farmer. And in a certain sense I “work the land”, shaping it with casein and beeswax. I create artistic shapes using natural elements such as wax, honeycombs, fir tree resin, roots, soil, ice and even the pitchforks my grandfather used.


I live off words. Journalist, writer, art curator. With the use of words I inspired the Dragon Forest and the art park RespirArt, both in Val di Fiemme, where I have been living for the past 22 years. Before becoming a mountain woman I was a known face on  television, I became “Commendatore della Repubblica” (knight commander) with an investigative report against the Milanese mafia. I then chose to follow “green” news with the press office of the Val di Fiemme tourist office.


I love writing for little ones. My words run deep into the land of Trentino and Valle di Fassa, into the Dolomitic rocks; they find air among the trees, the flowers, the meadows and nature; they feed off beauty, language, culture, history, traditions, beliefs and the mysteries of my land. I have learned to discover and get to know and love Val di Fiemme by writing a few of the playbooks of MontagnAnimata.


I have been travelling the world for forty years in search of adventure. First of all as a traveller and sailor, then as a street acrobat. That is how I discoverd Albero Azzurro and a small circus school. MontagnAnimata inevitably was along my path.


I look around, on the ground, in the air. I am astonished how each day is filled with stimulus and changes. Every day I try to understand in what direction the world is going. I don’t like to think that it is getting worse. I try to open myself up to everyone’s ideas, and be inspired. MontagnAnimata is the expression of creativity, territory and technology creating a better world in a little corner. I am happy to be part of this and that this is part of me.


I am an illustrator. From when I finished high school in Florence, I have dedicated my time to two of the things I love best: drawing and children. My second name is Artemisia and I am very proud of this name since Artemisia Gentileschi, in 1600 was the first woman painter to be admitted to the Acadamy of Drawing in Florence. I try to pass on my love for art with a sheet of paper, colours and a lot of passion.


A carpenter for 38 years, my workshop is in Ziano di Fiemme. It is small and covered in sawdust, it smells of wood and tradition. I draw and create furniture and home furnishings. With MontagnAnimata I accepted the challenge: building installations along the paths and through the woods. We come full circle: the wood from the woods goes back to its origins and makes many people happy.


I am the (second)  farmer of the dairy farm ‘Caseificio Sociale’ Val di Fiemme of Cavalese. I am part of the group of the alpini (mountain army) ANA of Masi di Cavalese, as well as the amateur dramatic society, a beautiful situation.  This “artistic flair”, together with my passion for the mountains and my story as a shepherd – when I was younger – have lead me to MontagnAnimata. Albina and I take tourists by the hand and lead them into the fantastic world of how shepherds used to live once upon a time.


I love the mountains. I was born and bred in Val di Fiemme, in a little town of 45 inhabitants. Just like Heidi I visited Frankfurt and many other cities around the world. During summer I spend time in the woods and on the mountains with my MTB, hiking or on vie ferrate. During winter I explore the peaks of the Lagorai mountains by ski-mountaineering, and the plateau of Lavazè with my cross country skis. Here I talk about paths, walks, the mountains and good food.


An almost wise animal stubbornly expresses itself, moving along the small and varied world. A sweet song, mysterious, witty, delicately brushes against people and things. Cheekily it plays using nature’s creative energy, it looks for light hearted freedom, suspended between the sky and the  earth. May joy be welcomed, it reaches and surprises with sudden shivers and the tickling of love.


I went to art school, then did my military service. Two years in Milan, eight at Vipiteno and then I returned to Val di Fiemme. My father Carlone was a shepherd on the Latemar mountains all his life. With MontagnAnimata I enjoyed myself illustrating the playbook that accompanies children along the path of the Distracted Shepherd. If you find a milk bucket lying around give me a shout. I am not as distracted as Martìn, but that day I was.


I work for the forestry service. I’m a farmer out of  passion, and I farm a small piece of land with two donkeys: Isabella and Lulù. Looking onto a magical world (where there is always something new to learn), I tell the visitors of MontagnAnimata what I know about bees.


Being a lumberjack means: cutting down a tree, bringing it down to the valley and taking it to the sawmill. It is an ancient craft. My great grandfather was a lumberjack, so was my grandfather, my father and my son, who is carrying on the tradition. I live for the mountains and for the woods. The woods are used and must be taken care of, but you need to know them and respect them. At MontagnAnimata I like telling children all there is to know about trees, to unleash their curiosity.


For an artist there is a before and after, one must not take for granted that you feel good from the beginning to the end of the show. I always find nice faces here, families who play and follow me. Nice and relaxed people who help me set things up, the stage and then dismantle everything. Every time I get so scared on the rails of the Alpine Coaster Gardonè, but I always fall for it.


I have kept everything: the “zomberla”, the sickle, the rake. These are ancient tools which are still used today. I make hay the way they used to, I leave the cut grass until it  dries up. I tie everything up in a clean sheet and I take it to my cow. I used to have many, they would graze. I have kept the old spinach seeds, those are for me. Bianchina prefers hay. Telling people how the mountains used to be once upon a time makes me happy.

Stay tuned!