• sentiero tematico la foresta dei draghi predazzo val di fiemme trentino

Backpacking along a story line

The path gets lighter, thoughts begin to flow. Tales of fantastic dragons. Stories of shepherds, woodsmen, beekeepers and geologists. A book opened 240 million years ago amongst the rocks. 3 easy paths to walk along together, with families and children. Beautiful views, games and plenty of fun: between Gardonè (1650 m) and Passo Feudo (2200 m) at the foot of the Latemar, in Trentino. MontagnAnimata represents the smiles and creativity of 40 professionals, 25 animators and 7 organisations involved in a fantastic project which respects nature, gives value to the territory and invites you to join in the game.

OPEN EVERY DAY FROM JUNE 18th to September 18th 2022
NON – STOP HOURS: from 8.30 am to 5.30 pm


thematic paths

Thematic paths for playing: the Dragon Forest, the path of the Distracted Shepherd and the Geotrail Dos Capèl. Come to Gardonè, at 1650 m, in the mountains, 15 minutes from Predazzo. The Geotrail at the top in Passo Feudo at 2.200 m.

3 easy paths to follow together with your family, stunning panoramic views and so much fun between. Lots of new games to play together.

Let your imagination fly and help Ardea protect her nest. Observe, play and learn. Discover the mountains’ secrets and the sweetness of bees.  Walk, pick up clues and recognise rocks. Do everything at your own pace. No reservation required.

Alpine Coaster Gardonè

Alpine Coaster Gardonè: 980 m of bumps, jumps and a rotation of 360°. On your own or with a partner, sit down, fasten your seat belts and regulate your speed. No reservation required.

Tresure hunt Difr Academy

Difr Academy is a team game, played outdoors and it has 8 interactive stations. Learn the alphabet of dragons, solve mysteries, you have 4 missions to accomplish. You will learn about Leroistus, Prakon, Tof and Robinia.


Easy walks along the paths together with strange, fun and unexpected characters.  From Sunday to Wednesday: itinerant shows. Thursday at the amphitheatre. With Nikolaus Drache, stories of shepherds, lumberjacks and botanical expert, two scientists on the tracks of Dahù and geology in high waters. Reservation required.


Explore the paths of the Latemarium through centuries-old woods, easy walks for children, gourmet huts and Dolomite landscapes.

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